MediaOrganizer – keep your entire media library in one place


• Store and manage audio samples, plugins, presets
• Create and customize attributes
• Apply filters to quick search for preset you need
• Browse and play audio samples in context
• Drag-n-drop files right into the project
• Add most used folders to Favorites for quick access
• Scan “library folder” for new files with one click
• Edit attributes while adding new files
• Use comments field to describe detail specifics of the file
• Share one media library within different DAWs

Quick Tutorial


1.Table is where list of Database files will appear. To add files into Database drag-n-drop them from the internal plugin Browser or directly from OS filebrowser.

2.Editor. Manage attributes of currently selected file. To create new attribute go to Settings->Attributes Manager

3.Browser. Find files you need, drag them into Table to add into your Database. 
Browser shows only files with extensions, specified in Settings->Extensions Manager.
You can add most frequently used folders to Favorites. To do so use pop-up menu Add to Favorites

4.Filters – easy and fast way to find the audio file, VST plugin, midi pattern, track preset or whatever you store in your Database.
You can use filters in “AND” or “OR” mode. “AND” – resulting files should have all selected values, OR – resulting files can have at least one.

5.Thumbnail of the audio file that currently selected. You can select certain region and play it in context with your project.

6.Control Panel has basic playback buttons; velocity slider; lock button – to prevent changing current thumbnail file while surfing Database; root note – to play at right pitch on the keyboard

7.Keyboard  – can play only one note at the time

8.Search – you can apply search for all attributes or choose one to search something specific.

Extensions Manager

MediaOrganizer plugin can accept only files with extensions, specified in Extensions Manager. By default plugin has only audio format extensions. To add yours – press Add New Extension. Separate each extension with “,” . Name of the set will be placed in Database as Type attribute value for newly added files with corresponding extensions.

Attributes Manager

Attributes Manager is for creating and managing attributes. Checkboxes allow you to show/hide attributes from certain parts of the interface.
Plugin comes with default set of attributes which cannot be renamed or deleted.

Extensions and Attributes Managers

Library Folder – handy way to store all your stuff – keep it in one “media library” folder. During the working process you may save some new files there and lately, after all, scan that folder by clicking Settings->Scan Library Folder. All files, that were created after the previous scan, will be added into Database.
Database Folder – path to the actual database.
Edit attributes before drop into Database – while moving new files into Database, dialog window will pop up, so you can manage attributes before files will be added.

How to use

During the first launch, plugin will ask you to create Database.
After Database has been created – graphic interface of the plugin will appear.

Creating Database

At the initial state of the plugin you already can add and manage audio files.
To be able to add other file types, for example ableton live clip ( *.alc), live set ( *.als), instrument/fx rack (*.adg), etc… go to Settings->Extensions Manager ->Add New Extension. Specify Name and Set of extensions (separate with comma).

Adding new file extension

Drag-n-drop preset into some folder to save it on a physical disk.
Drag-n-drop created file into MediaOrganizer plugin to store it in Database.

Drag-n-drop preset file into Database


You cannot drop something from your project to MediaOrganizer directly. It has to be saved on a physical disk first and then moved into the plugin.

Plugin uses “Arial Unicode MS” font, to support wide range of symbols. Make sure you have it in your system.

On Windows setting stored at Registry
On Mac setting stored at ~/Library/Preferences/InvolvedAudio/MediaOrganizer
Make sure you have admin permissions to store settings correctly.

Demo limitations

-100 files limit in Database
-up to 3 attributes in Filters at the same time
-up to 3 Favorite folders can be added
-up to 5 custom attributes can be added

Try MediaOrganizer VST plugin now

MediaOrganizer demo VST MacOS
MediaOrganizer demo AU MacOS
MediaOrganizer demo VST Win32
MediaOrganizer demo VST Win64